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FlashDrive is a proud sponsor of NuxtJS and free to use for developers!

Nuxtjs is a great framework to build Vue.js applications.

Deploying Nuxtjs on FlashDrive from any Git repo uses the NodeJS buildpack and takes only 3 minutes.

Prepare your app

Edit your package.json file and add the build and start commands if they are missing :

"scripts": {
  "dev": "nuxt",
  "build": "nuxt build",
  "start": "nuxt start"

Create a Procfile at the root of your project directory to instruct the FlashDrive engine to launch npm and forward the traffic to your app :

web: npm run start

Alternatively, you can clone this repository and launch it directly on FlashDrive. Live result of this repository:

Create an app on FlashDrive :

At the end of the process, the system will generate SSH Keys to connect with your Git repository. We need to add some environment variables to the app before building it, add the key to Git, and click “Go to App settings” :

Add the following environment variables to your app:

NODE_ENV : production

When done, click “Pull and Build” to instruct FlashDrive to build your app from your Git repository:

Wait a couple of minutes for the builder to clone your code, build it and deploy it to the FlashDrive cluster, and your app is live!

You can visit the Logs page to see the building process of your app:

If you want to see the result of deploying the NuxtJS getting started repository on FlashDrive:

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