How can I connect my domain name with FlashDrive?

When FlashDrive creates your app, it automatically assigns a subdomain of for testing purposes. You cannot detach this domain name from your app as it’s used by FlashDrive internally.

Once your app is live, you can add a domain name to it through your app settings page.

To add a domain name to your app:

  1. Identify the datacenter name your app is running on, like US01, and create a CNAME record from your domain name to (replace us01 with the datacenter related to your app, if needed).

 2. You may need to wait a couple of hours before the CNAME record gets updated in DNS servers across the world.

 3. Click ‘Add Domain’ on your app settings page, then enter your domain name and click ‘Verify.’

 4. If you want to install an SSL for this domain, click “Add SSL,” then wait for the system to negotiate the SSL attribution.

Your domain name needs to have the CNAME record setup BEFORE you start this procedure, or you will receive an error message, “Unable to verify” or “Unable to add SSL.”

FlashDrive uses Let’s Encrypt to provide and manage SSL certificates. It is not possible to use your own SSL certificate with FlashDrive.

FlashDrive recommends Cloudflare as a DNS provider for increased security and accuracy.

You can check out this post for tips about integrating CloudFlare with FlashDrive!

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