How CPU and RAM limits works

FlashDrive isolation architecture assign a specific value of CPU cores and RAM that one app can use at any time.

All Apps (except DEV apps) can also use a temporary burst in order to mitigate the risks of application failure in case of temporary stress. This additional quota can only be used for 5 minutes every 24 hours and is limited to twice the app’s original resources (2GB of RAM additional for a WEB app for instance).

If an app uses more than the available quota of RAM or CPU and has already used the allowed burst time, FlashDrive Auto Heal function kicks in and automatically restarts the app: that usually fixes the issue by killing any zombie process or memory leak that can disrupt the app behavior.

Auto heal automatically sends an email when it restarts an app for the first time (and sends another one every 24 hours if the app is still using more than its quota) but will continue to restart the app automatically each time the quota of resources are depleted.

If your app is restarted by Auto Heal you should immediately checks it’s monitoring data (available from your app settings panel) to see if the current app size is adapted to it’s memory or cpu usage. If one of the value is above 90%, you should consider scaling up your app immediately to avoid any service disruption in the future.

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