Install WordPress from FlashDrive Marketplace

WordPress, the world most popular CMS and blog creator is available from FlashDrive Marketplace.

You only need a valid FlashDrive account to start. Check out the tutorial below:

  1. Login to your FlashDrive account with your details and password

2. Select “WordPress” from the Marketplace menu

3. Choose a name for your app like “my-blog”, the location, and the size of the instance.

Instance type recommended: Production.

(You can start with a DEV instance but, we don’t recommend that for production apps)

You can also add your blog to a stack (a running set of Apps) or create a new stack just for that blog.

The next page will ask if you want to connect a personalized domain name to this WordPress installation. You can let the field empty or add your domain but please make sure to create a CNAME record for this domain name before you proceed. More infos here

Review the cost estimate and click “Launch My App”

FlashDrive will now build your app. It takes approximately 2 minutes for the process to complete.

Allow some time for FlashDrive to complete the installation (1-2 minutes at most), and click My Apps on the menu to see if your WordPress installation is already running. If the status is still “Updating” you will need to wait a little more time.

Then, click on your stack name, then the ‘Settings’ icon under your app’s name.

FlashDrive automatically took care of all the settings needed for your app to run and even create a temporary domain name for you if you didn’t add one.

Click on your domain name (or the temporary domain name if you want to use it) to be redirected to the WordPress installation page. There, you will be able to choose a title for your blog and set up a password.

That’s it! Your new blog will be running on FlashDrive’s high availability infrastructure.


If you need to upload content to WordPress (plugins, large files, etc…) install the FileBrowser app from the marketplace and attach the disk mounted on your WordPress app (/var/www/html/ mounted to WordPress). The filebrowser app can be added/removed at any time without interfering with your other apps.

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