Install Ghost CMS from FlashDrive Marketplace

Ghost is an absolutely stunning CMS (equivalent to WordPress) running on Javascript and NodeJS.

Until now installing and running Ghost on the cloud was more technical. It required the operator to know about the infrastructure, server installation, management, and network settings.

But that’s not the case anymore. Ghost is now available from FlashDrive’s Marketplace! In this short tutorial, we will explain, and deploy, a Ghost instance, with details on how you can set it up for production.

To start, click on “Marketplace” and select “Ghost” on the list.

Choose a name for your app like “my-blog”, the location and the size of the instance.

Instance type recommended: Production.

(You can start with a DEV instance but, we don’t recommend that for production apps)

You can also add your blog to a stack (a running set of Apps) or create a new stack just for that blog.

The next page will ask if you want to connect a personalized domain name to this Ghost blog. You can let the field empty or add your domain but please make sure to create a CNAME record for this domain name before you proceed. More infos here

Review the cost estimate and click “Launch My App”

Allow some time for FlashDrive to complete the installation (1-2 minutes at most), and click My Apps on the menu to see if your Ghost apps is already running. If the status is still “Updating” you will need to wait a little more time.

Then, click on your stack name, then the ‘Settings’ icon under your app’s name.

FlashDrive has installed Ghost and your domain and your domain name (or a test domain name), and you can click on it to access your Ghost installation.

The Admin panel will be available under ‘’

You can add more domain and subdomains at any time from the settings page but if you want to replace the current domain name associated with your Ghost make sure to replace the Environment variable “url” as well before editing the Ghost settings.

Visit the tab “Design” in the Ghost admin to change the URL addresses for your personal domain name instead of using FlashDrive’s default domain name.

We also recommend that you activate the SSL certificate for your domain -it’s free!

-> To make sure your blog works as intended, make sure the Environment variable URL is using your domain name (including https:// if you activated the SSL certificate).

This Ghost installation includes an SQLite database, which is inside the same container as the blog itself. We will soon offer another version with a detached MySQL database more suited for heavy traffic Ghost installations.

Enjoy Ghost!

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