Troubleshoot Error 502

Before investigating further, the more common cause of this issue is that your application is using another port than the one setup in your the networking settings.

FlashDrive automatically apps to uses the 8080 port (in most of the cases) but some NodeJS apps use 3000 or another port instead.

When you deploy an app on FlashDrive, you may come across this page, pictured below, instead of seeing your app run:

flashdrive error 502

That error can be a result of several reasons, which include:

  • If you just deployed or built your app, FlashDrive may still be working on it so, verify that your app status is running.
  • FlashDrive automatically restarts any stopped or crashed container but, if you want to force a restart, you have to open the “Settings” page and click save under the Network settings tab (without modifying anything):
    This action will force the restart of your app.
  • In the same network settings tab, you should verify that the App Port identified there matches the container port used by your app.
  • Make sure the current build is running and has not failed. You can verify the current status inside the “Logs” tab :
  • If there was no other build that was running before, and the last build for your app failed, the error will persist until a valid one gets deployed to the app.
  • Check the running app Logs to make sure your app is running as expected and that the app is not encountering any unexpected error.

If anything looks good and you still have issues, we’re here to help!

If you need help, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you. 

Please note that we are not able to access your app files nor to modify your code. We can only provide guidance about the current status and possible problems with your app deployment.

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